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Wyoming Regulation of Physicians

According to Wyo. Stat. § 33-26-301, a license granted by the Board of Medicine is mandatory for practicing medicine in Wyoming.  In order to be eligible for a license, an applicant should demonstrate that s/he has fulfilled the required credentials and qualifications as stipulated by the Board and meets any additional requirements that the board may impose by regulation[i].  The Board is authorized to issue a temporary license if an applicant meets all licensing requirements of Wyo. Stat. § except the interview required by Wyo. Stat. § 33-26-303(a)(ix), which the board may defer at its discretion until no later than the next board meeting.  The applicant has to pay a temporary licensing fee.

All licenses other than temporary licenses and medical training licenses shall lapse annually and a licensee may renew his license each year by submitting a renewal application[ii].

The board may refuse to renew, and may revoke, suspend or restrict a license or take other disciplinary action on various grounds.  Some of the common grounds for revocation or refusal include bribery, fraud, impersonation or misrepresentation; making false or misleading statements regarding the licensee’s skill or the efficacy or value of his treatment; advertising the practice of medicine in a misleading, false or deceptive manner; obtaining any fee or claim for payment of a fee by fraud or misrepresentation; sexual misconduct; conviction of or pleading guilty or nolo contendere to a felony or any crime that is a felony under Wyoming law; aiding or abetting the practice of medicine by a person not licensed by the board; except as provided by law, repeatedly prescribing or administering, selling or supplying any drug legally classified as a narcotic, addicting or scheduled drug to a known abuser; presigning blank prescription forms; manifest incapacity to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to patients; suffering from any physical or mental disability including deterioration due to aging which renders the practice of medicine unsafe; use of a drug or intoxicant to such a degree as to render the licensee unable to practice medicine or surgery with reasonable skill and safety to patients and practicing medicine below the applicable standard of care, regardless of causation or damage.

The revoked license may be reinstated in accordance with the provisions of Wyo. Stat. § 33-26-406.

[i] Wyo. Stat. § 33-26-303.

[ii] Wyo. Stat. § 33-26-305.

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